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SIGNIS Works with BICE to Produce Children’s Rights Video

Chiang Mai, October 19, 2009 (SIGNIS) - SIGNIS and BICE, the International Catholic Child Bureau, worked together to produce a video on children’s rights that was presengted Sunday 18 October at the SIGNIS World Congress in Chiang Mai.

SIGNIS TV and video producers, a dispirit group working in vastly different conditions throughout the world, are always ready to recognize a good cause. When the SIGNIS Secretariat in Brussels, together with BICE, put out an appeal for producers to record comments from children about the issues of the United Nations Charter on Children’s Rights, 13 countries volunteered.

Contributions came from SIGNIS producers in Australia, Burkina Faso, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Solomon Islands and Taiwan.

The children commented on the UN Charter issues of Respect, Poverty, Violence, Family, Work, Education, Health, Disabilities, Juvenile justice and Technology.

SIGNIS member Tele Lumiere, a TV station operating out of Lebanon, did the final editing. Once again SIGNIS members around the world have come together to work cooperatively, this time in the cause of children’s rights.