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Tele Lumiere Allows Middle Eastern Children to Participate to the SIGNIS World Congress 2009

Beirut, May 14, 2009 (Marie-Thérèse Kreidy) - Answering the call of SIGNIS Asia to participate in the first-ever Global Children’s Handkerchief Project which will allow children all over the world to be part of the SIGNIS World Congress 2009, Tele Lumiere, the only Arabic Catholic television station broadcasting from Lebanon to the whole world, has launched a campaign through its live programs, Allo Rita and Halleluia.

Children started responding from different countries in the Middle East and the first handkerchiefs were received from Syria, where they were prepared by 50 children from the Children Holy Family. And meetings were held to coordinate with the schools, to spread awareness and urge the children to claim their rights and participate in the Congress through this project.

On the 23rd of May 2009, Tele Lumiere called children from all over Lebanon to participate in a day-long activity where they will be preparing the handkerchiefs and filming special programs and spots to send to the Congress.

Upon receiving the handkerchiefs from Lebanon and the Arab countries, an exhibit will be done at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut where children of different nationalities will sign a flag of 5 meters, write their ideas and make drawings about Children’s Rights. The handprinted handkerchiefs will be sent to the World Congress to be displayed.