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Future Search

SIGNIS Future Search

"Encounter, Inspire and Renew for a Culture of Peace – Reshaping SIGNIS"

27th February – 1st March 2014

The conference is by invitation only

In our rapidly shifting media landscape the members of SIGNIS, spread over 100 countries, need to constantly re-discover their focus and common ground as an International Association.

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In 2011 SIGNIS passed a benchmark, ten years since the merger of Unda and OCIC in November 2001. By 2013 we would have completed two cycles of planning together, cycles that were initiated in 2008. The SIGNIS World Congress 2014 in Rome, Italy is the opportune moment to take stock. Asses our shared past and co-create our common future.

Entitled “Encounter, Inspire and Renew for a Culture of Peace – Reshaping SIGNIS”, the SIGNIS Future Search (27 February – 1 March 2014) will gather the elected delegates of SIGNIS and members of staff along with key stakeholders and partners who invested time, energy and resources in SIGNIS to co-create the future of SIGNIS.

A Future Search is a large scale strategic planning intervention with a difference: it does not depend on an external “expert”. The experts are the participants and the conference will explore their past, present, future, common ground, and create a shared agenda for action. This shared process provides a proven way to release creative energy leading to concrete actions that experience has shown can transform organizations and communities.

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Focus Question

It is important that a Future Search focuses on a question (or statement) that clearly states what we would like to achieve. The following ‘Focus Question’ sums up the aspiration of what we, as SIGNIS, would like to accomplish:

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In shifting media and cultural environments how can we include all generations in a community of communications professionals that engage in co-creating SIGNIS to achieve our mission?

Objectives of the Future Search

- To define a clear common strategy and direction for SIGNIS for 2014-2018.
- To establish a culture of planning, monitoring and evaluation based on concrete objectives
- To produce clearly defined goals and benchmark for a common strategy.
- A clear mandate, direction and verifiable objectives for the General Secretariat.

Expected Outcomes

- Common ground consensus and concrete grass root activities that promote a culture of peace.
- Renewed engagement with shared operational responsibilities that complement local initiatives.
- Realistic targets with appraisal indicators for General Secretariat, Board and Regional Delegates.

Long Term Outcomes (Hopes) of Effect on SIGNIS

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- Focused objectives with concrete programmes.
- Increased grass root members’ critical participation in Association’s management of goals.
- Increased horizontal (member to member) partnership and co-action.
- Increased (professional) partnership with likeminded NGOs, INGO’s at local and international level.
- Increased professional and effective capacity to influence change.